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Taiari Wai Festival

Big news… on the 20th January we are having a music festival!

The inaugural Taiari Wai River Festival is a music festival with a purpose — to engage the Otago community in the extraordinary freshwater ecosystems of the Taiari river, and in particular, its spectacular and internationally significant scroll plain. 

The festival will feature Otago artists including the Maplewood String Band, Jo Little and Jared Smith and Tahu Mackenzie, all from Dunedin,  and will be held in the village of Pātearoa, on the site of the old local school, (where our nursery is based) 

The aim of the festival is to provide a focal point for the Māniatoto community to gather and to learn about and celebrate their river. It will also be a showcase for local arts, music, food and crafts. It aims to be a drawcard for the region, attracting music, art and food lovers from Dunedin, Queenstown, Cromwell and further afield. 

This is the first year we are running the festival, so it’s a bit of tester for its success. We are greatly indebted to the Otago Community Trust for believing in this venture and giving us a shot at running it through some funding. 

Our goal is that over time, the festival will be an annual event that links communities up and down the Taiari river, from Dunedin to Paerau. Only by strengthening community, can we hope to meet the environmental challenges of our time.

This is the first year the festival will be held. Our goal is for it to become a regular event on the New Zealand music scene, and for it to grow into a boutique festival that attracts music lovers from around the world. 

At the heart of the festival is community, nature and landscape. And of course, wai—the lifeblood of the Māniatototo 

We need the community’s support to ensure this event can carry on into the future ..and did I mention… It's completely FREE

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