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to look after, nurse, care,
protect, conserve, save.

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Photo: Will Nelson – Tourism Central Otago

Our Story

Tiaki Maniototo was funded by the Ministry for Environment Freshwater Fund in 2021 with the acknowledgement that intensification of agriculture in the Māniatoto area, combined with historic activities and the incursion of introduced plant species, has contributed to the degradation of water quality and the loss of wetlands and biodiversity in this catchment. Our mandate is to preserve, protect and enhance water quality, recreational, cultural, biodiversity and economic values in the Upper Taiari.


This is to be achieved through riparian fencing, planting, pest control and the development of a catchment management plan in consultation with farmers, Fish and Game, Herenga ā Nuku, the Department of Conservation and the Maniototo Irrigation Company.

Meet The Team

Governance Committee

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