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Our Mission:

As a community, to restore, enhance and protect the Upper Taieri catchment.

The Upper Taieri Scroll plain in the beautiful Maniototo/Māniatoto basin is one of the most unique river environments in the Southern Hemisphere.

It's home to many rare and endangered native species and is an important traditional food-gathering site for Māori.

Taieri scroll plain
Dawn Sangster

A passionate group of landowners,

conservationists and river users united by a common cause - the restoration, preservation and protection of the river catchment we love.

planting in the Maniototo

We assist landowners to fence and plant wetland and riparian areas. We also protect native fish habitat, enhance recreation areas and undertake weed control.




Plants in the Ground 

Kilometres fenced

As part of the project we built a nursery in Patearoa to help us establish and propagate plants suited to our harsh Central Otago environment. 

We fenced, irrigated and bought in small plants by the 1000's and have a nursery team to care for them before they go out to our partner farms.

Photo Credit: Natalie Willis

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